Dear Future Husband


Dear future husband, I want you to know I think about you often and I wonder why I’m not by your side

Dear future husband I have had a strange life lots of guys weren’t worth my time still somehow I tried

Dear future husband I’ve had a lot of lonely nights

nights where I can’t sleep and nights where I think of you

Dear future husband sometimes I dream and sometimes I don’t but when I do I see myself being happy with you

Dear future husband I don’t know when I’ll meet you and I don’t know how, or where, and I don’t know if I already have but I look forward to being with you and I look forward to you making me laugh, making me cry with joy, making me happy and holding me in your arms when I’m sad

Dear future husband my eyes fill with tears because I feel like I know you and I have been wandering all these years

Dear future husband I have joy because I know there is hope and I know one day you will be by my side

Dear future husband I am waiting and I tend to be to myself at times but this semi introverted person is full of love, full of joy and full of patience and ready for you and all of that being with you will entail

Dear future husband someday I’ll meet you Prince Charming if you ever notice me

Dear Prince charming your princess is in there she’s a princess in your eyes

I feel like you don’t recognize me because I am always in disguise

-Stephanie Lewis


12:09 a.m.

My Heart (Bring My Heart) 

Until morning comes 

I will give my heart, before my words 

When I can’t see clearly, you will open my eyes
When I am trying to win a fight your armor will protect me 

You will be my comfort, and everything will be okay 

If maybe I have strayed too far, I will always have my heart

I will always bring my heart
It is not finished 

It is not over 

When you say the words I will know my worth 

When you say the words I will know my worth 
When I am trying to win a fight 

Your armor will protect me 

You will be my comfort 

And everything will be okay 

If maybe I have strayed too far, I will always have my heart 

I will always bring my heart 
You will always be there for me 

Always be there for me 

You will never leave me, never let go 
Until the morning comes, I will give my heart before my words 

When I can’t see clearly you will open my eyes 

Written by: yours truly, Stephanie Lewis, stephsaidthis 




The poetry is back… 

People don’t see the battles that we fight

They only see what they want to see 

They only think what they want to think 

My God said he is with me no matter what 

We all fall short 

We all lose hope 

He reminds us that we are weak and he makes us strong 

We fight our battles singing worship songs 

No one is perfect not one

We all make mistakes and ask for forgiveness from his perfect son

He did something so great for us 

Grace that we could never replace 

Grace that came when he was sent to walk on this place in space 

We have nothing to hide from him because he sees it all

Even when we say everything is okay and yet we are in a free fall

They don’t see the battles that we fight 

Faith is not just a Sunday drill 

It’s an everyday real

Maybe I said to much but it’s good to be honest 

Some of us are so messed up we forgot to be honest 

I guess you could say we are caught up in the moment falling short and forgetting to live for his glory 

Don’t be worried or troubled we all get through our battles with the armor of God 

No one is perfect not a one

Feeling like you failed because you forgot to be obedient 

You didn’t want to have faith because you felt your not worthy 

Have faith and take heart because he has overcome the world 

It is not finished, go and do his work 

His will not your own calling 





We try to be strong but everyday we keep going like nothing is wrong 

Sunrise to sunset 

Sunset to sunrise 

Faith keeps us moving 

God won’t ever quit pushing us 

In our silence there is peace 

In our silence there is peace 

The hopeful few, we sleep 

Awaken by his glory and a new day 

We tune our hearts to his beat finding his beauty all around us 

Every worry fades for the moment 

In our silence there is peace

In our silence there is peace 

God keep me moving because if I run too much, I will get weak

In our silence… there is peace 

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Love… Letter


“Love… Letter”

The writer loves letters
The writer writes letters
The dreamer and the realist
Words make sense
Sometimes words make sense
Hope comes and goes
Love like an ocean can flow
Love like an ocean can be smooth
We can win the war on love, or we can just surrender
Surrender… I’ll wave my flag to make it better
Give me your best shot, because I stopped hoping for the one to stay, after they all just ran away… away with the flow
They just want a love story, but just want to let it go
When we are young we believe in love, and if it doesn’t work we tell them where to go
We remember the past, but live in the present… hold on to hope that someday the right one will be a memory that will remain…
Love so sweet and simple, it will come easy…
No war, no hesitation, just everlasting conversation gripped by patience…
They say, don’t rush love, because you will run from it later
Love is a game, they say
Love is pain, they say
Torture, no torture
Forever, what is forever??
A promise
A full promise, not an empty jar of maybe
Saying that you love someone is easy, meaning it takes time to prove it
Love, tell me love…
What is your story, what is the worry??
Tell me the whole story… how did we get here, honestly??



The voice
Everyone has a voice
We ignore it, we hide it and run from it
We try to get to know it better
We think it doesn’t matter
We can’t escape it, but we can accept it
A voice, more than an opinion
A voice that can give hope to millions
A daily in and out transition, seeking wisdom
Wanting the best for yourself, despite what everyone else thinks… you know your worth and identity
The voice, it moves others
It awakes your inner self
The voice, you can express it… no one else
It moves within you and you cannot hold it in
You shouldn’t hide it
Share it
Your voice, raise your voice
Speak up, be the voice of reason be someone’s hope
It’s not just a voice, it’s your voice… no other choice


-Stephanie Lewis