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Love… Letter


“Love… Letter”

The writer loves letters
The writer writes letters
The dreamer and the realist
Words make sense
Sometimes words make sense
Hope comes and goes
Love like an ocean can flow
Love like an ocean can be smooth
We can win the war on love, or we can just surrender
Surrender… I’ll wave my flag to make it better
Give me your best shot, because I stopped hoping for the one to stay, after they all just ran away… away with the flow
They just want a love story, but just want to let it go
When we are young we believe in love, and if it doesn’t work we tell them where to go
We remember the past, but live in the present… hold on to hope that someday the right one will be a memory that will remain…
Love so sweet and simple, it will come easy…
No war, no hesitation, just everlasting conversation gripped by patience…
They say, don’t rush love, because you will run from it later
Love is a game, they say
Love is pain, they say
Torture, no torture
Forever, what is forever??
A promise
A full promise, not an empty jar of maybe
Saying that you love someone is easy, meaning it takes time to prove it
Love, tell me love…
What is your story, what is the worry??
Tell me the whole story… how did we get here, honestly??



The voice
Everyone has a voice
We ignore it, we hide it and run from it
We try to get to know it better
We think it doesn’t matter
We can’t escape it, but we can accept it
A voice, more than an opinion
A voice that can give hope to millions
A daily in and out transition, seeking wisdom
Wanting the best for yourself, despite what everyone else thinks… you know your worth and identity
The voice, it moves others
It awakes your inner self
The voice, you can express it… no one else
It moves within you and you cannot hold it in
You shouldn’t hide it
Share it
Your voice, raise your voice
Speak up, be the voice of reason be someone’s hope
It’s not just a voice, it’s your voice… no other choice


-Stephanie Lewis


Don’t lose faith in what you want to accomplish. The test is worth it in the end.



Time, we wear a watch but what does it really mean
Wake up and go with the flow
Go home, eat and sleep repeat
We get caught up in routine
Before we know it, we write history
Leaving dreams on our pillow because we get so caught up in reality
What is life worth if we throw away our dreams
If we stop chasing and start simply existing
We need to wake up
What people think
Who cares, we all have opinions
Different reasons
We go through struggles and different seasons
Picking through the truth when we listen to others
Trying to mimic the life of another
Don’t get hooked
Hang on to who you are and follow the right path according to the only book
Don’t hesitate, we shouldn’t live life with worry
After all we are not living for what we want anyway
It is all for his Glory
So, we wear a watch… but what does it really mean??
Time is going places, but are we doing what we want, or following the path according to what we need
He holds the world in his hands
He is watching you and he is watching me
What happens, happens
Just let it be, no time for worry
Breath, time… we wear a watch, live and have faith and don’t worry.


Love Yourself…

When you love yourself, nothing can stand in your way… stay confident, stay humble, stay hungry. Stay hungry?? Yes. When you stay hungry no one can stop you from reaching your goals. You are your worst critique, look at yourself and see possibilities. Why?? When you see your possibilities you don’t see your imperfections. Love yourself. Stay confident. Stay humble. Stay hungry. Inner peace, outer happiness. Yaheardmeh… 😄Faith will get you through your battles. It’s not a bad day, it’s a beautiful day. A beautiful day for change, to look at yourself with a new perspective, the way God sees you… get your smile on. He loves you!! Jesus has the path laid out… follow him. Have Joy!!


The Rain Came and Silenced The Lonely

It was a normal day
From what it seemed
Looking back on it, feels like a dream
The rain came and silenced the lonely
Gave peace and it came quick
Silently lingering and drifting away slowly
The rain came and silenced the lonely
The worries went away and hearts were okay
Brokenness was mended when the rain cleansed us
The fears faded away no longer tremendous
The rain came and silenced the lonely
Every feeling of “what for” washed away
Refreshed and feeling okay
The rain came and silenced the lonely
Moving on with hope in our hearts with no hurry
The rain came and silenced the lonely



Sometimes you realize you want something different in your life. Sometimes that something different may be a bf, and sometimes you just have to be honest with yourself… because sometimes you realize that the season of me, myself and I is gone… another chapter in this life. Sometimes you have to realize it can’t always be just yourself. One can stand alone, but eventually you need someone else. Sometimes… it’s okay to be honest with yourself. Sometimes…



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