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The Defeat Of Loneliness

I know I wrote several pieces titled… “Lonely” or “Loneliness” but I feel that this one is it ✌️

“The Defeat of Loneliness”

by: Stephsaidthis 😎

The word fades as it becomes a reality
A distant memory, fading away from me
A cure
A way out
They say you can be in love and still be lonely
Why rush to be in love, if you still feel empty??
Common sense to me
Broken pieces in a frame
A broken picture, trying to stay together
I would rather not bother
Instead, fix the “I am in control” of what I want for myself “way”
Thing is… what is love anyway
Everyone throws it away like a penny
Forever wondering in the back of their minds
What is it really??
Back to what I said now, hear me??
Looking back on when it started to affect me
What I didn’t notice was a fear approaching me
Leaving me, questioning if I am lonely
Or am I just, like they say… “Coping”
Am I trying to ignore it, run from it and floor it??
A thought or two… maybe too many
Running from the “possibility” and letting what I want keep me from what could be
Save me??
Wait… save me??
No, you can’t save me now… honey
Too sweet and you don’t know the meaning of the word… bravery
Hold it against me for knowing better dear, I know when I find someone that can possibly complete me
Standards were set too high and I was still
An effect that hit me recently, it became a reality
For so long I was okay with being just me and there not being a we because, I thought… I can do what I want, freedom… ring the bell for being independent and taking care of me
So… What was that word??
Tell it goodbye honey
It came to disturb and distract, but the man upstairs has a plan that I cannot avoid
My heart, I will guard
Loneliness… ha yeah that was me
Out the door it went
Just a fear to get in my way
I don’t have time for that
On a mission, ya hear me??
Yeah… some look for Prince Charming
What is to look for is what one needs not wants without guarantees
It don’t own me
It don’t own me
I have hope
I have hope that he will come my way
Loneliness will not stay
I know who I am
God has a plan
Loneliness… what?? That fear
Yeah I told God about you, run go… I am free from what you wanted to keep from me
It don’t own me
It don’t own me


The Guarded Heart

The guarded heart
Has patched up wounds
The guarded heart
Has ran from love before thinking it can’t be and won’t be true
The guarded heart
Is afraid to admit the truth
The guarded heart
Wants to be loved not hurt by the wounded few
The guarded heart
Knows what is best and tries to find the love that is true
The guarded heart
Walks alone, many steps feeling blue
The guarded heart
Knows the love story, and what it means when “you said…” comes after a breakup too good to be true
The guarded heart
Is willing to fight for the one who will catch them when they fall
The guarded heart
Is lonely and forgot how to be that girl again
The guarded heart
Has faith, and walks alone
The guarded heart
Got used to me and I alone
The guarded heart
Wants the real thing
The guarded heart
Wants to have fun, but forgot how
The guarded heart
Lives inside a woman
The guarded heart
Is strong
The guarded heart
Is brave
The guarded heart
Wants the guy that will stay
The guarded heart
Has standards… simple, she isn’t hard to please
The guarded heart
Wants trust
The guarded heart
Is too big… with cares and compassion
The guarded heart
Is not afraid
The guarded heart
Knows that mr who will come along, someday
The guarded heart
Yeah… the beginning and the start
Knowing that love is possible and that someday, she can put down her shield and wave her flag… someday she will be glad, safe in his arms at last
The guarded heart
Drifting alone in the sea
Open to possibilities, ready for battle to find the one she needs
The guarded heart…
Faith… That God will do what he has planned for me
A girl knows what she wants, but a woman knows what she needs…



There is hope for love and faith that it will come along
like a bee in the winter
loneliness shouldn’t linger
forever it seems
so rare it should be
only a mere memory
faded in time
someday it will go away
a guy that is worthy in my life he will stay
the control and independence will decrease
as two will be one and my anxious heart will be at rest
it will love again
hopefully it will last
hanging on to faith and maybe I can prove myself wrong
love is real
it is not just a fairy tale after all



Don’t let “all” of your standards become a dream and your loneliness become a routine.


I Am Tom

The world has so many problems… but for every problem there is someone that has a heart to finding a solution. I am Tom. Inspirational blogger and someday I hope to work with youth (to let them know that they are no alone, that their life has a purpose) with Christian values and knowing that Jesus loves them and when you have joy in Christ and are humbled by all he has done for you and thanking God for all he has done and relying on Jesus to guide you… you can do anything. Sometimes when you have so little you have so much… that’s why I am a Toms supporter and love giving back whenever I can because it’s not about what you have… it is about what you can give, and giving shoes to a kid in need may not seem like a lot but to them it can mean the world, it can change/save their life. Rather at home or around the world you can make a difference… it’s not about getting a reward it’s about doing what is on your heart and listening to God. That not only makes an impact but can save someone’s life… there is more to life than our little circle, you don’t have to have a lot to do so little, sometimes doing little can mean so much. God has a plan and a purpose for your life… follow Jesus and everything will be alright. #iamtom #stephsaidthis #oneforone



“Loneliness” by STEPHSAIDTHIS


Loneliness is just a season
it comes and goes without reason
when you know what you want it can be hard to find
days, weeks, even years go by
keep breathing and living and you lose track of time
a perfect melody
you get lost in going withy the flow and you forget how sweet love is and what it means to love someone
suddenly your painting yourself into a corner and you don’t even know it
loneliness is a tricky feeling
love…why even try when you think you can do life on your own____________
Oh and don’t forget the Y
Some questions don’t need answers
The answers are gone with the reason why
Better yet a statement
A couple of I care’s
Someday a hopeful I Do and a couple of choices few
Everyday is a waiting game and battles with the mind
The doubts and frustrations
Over thinking and questioning motives
Wondering how to accept love if we do not know how to let love in
Let love in
Let love in
Let love begin
Let love begin
How does one do that when we let loneliness win
It is nice to be in control
Be alone
Be one
At peace yet unsettled
Willing but not accepting
What is love when loneliness holds the key to your heart
How do you let love in when you don’t know where to start
…I don’t know where to start



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