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“Loneliness” by STEPHSAIDTHIS


Loneliness is just a season
it comes and goes without reason
when you know what you want it can be hard to find
days, weeks, even years go by
keep breathing and living and you lose track of time
a perfect melody
you get lost in going withy the flow and you forget how sweet love is and what it means to love someone
suddenly your painting yourself into a corner and you don’t even know it
loneliness is a tricky feeling
love…why even try when you think you can do life on your own____________
Oh and don’t forget the Y
Some questions don’t need answers
The answers are gone with the reason why
Better yet a statement
A couple of I care’s
Someday a hopeful I Do and a couple of choices few
Everyday is a waiting game and battles with the mind
The doubts and frustrations
Over thinking and questioning motives
Wondering how to accept love if we do not know how to let love in
Let love in
Let love in
Let love begin
Let love begin
How does one do that when we let loneliness win
It is nice to be in control
Be alone
Be one
At peace yet unsettled
Willing but not accepting
What is love when loneliness holds the key to your heart
How do you let love in when you don’t know where to start
…I don’t know where to start


Keep It Real

It seems like nobody is real
We try and tell each other what to do
And how to feel
We want people around that make us look good
We don’t take the time to get to know them
We trust our hopes and desires
And push away faith
Walking through the dark with our glass half full
Trying to fill the emptiness inside
Being loved is faith
It is not a temporary state
Give it a few days… weeks… get tired and throw it away
You pat yourself on the back and look for the next one to come your way
Rushing and running, for what… your not trying to get to home plate
Love is patient… plant your seeds in the right place
Life is a gift… and you are a treasure
Your worth
Your worth
Your worthy of someone who knows your worth
No matter the mistakes
No matter how ill
True love is worth it even after the bitterest pill
Keep it real…


Love Yourself First…

Loneliness is fear… so what is there to fear?? Love yourself then you will not be with someone just for their attention… But your love for one another will be consistent no matter the distance and you will hang in there no matter the circumstances… because love does not take chances… Love does not take chances… you pick each other up no matter the changes… It goes on and on like a marathon… except just when you think it is the end it will pull you back in… love has no limits… and it is dependent… when you were young remember how you thought the words I love you were easy… now it’s like trying to understand why leaves blow in the wind… so breezy… there is a lot to be said about a past… but the future is convenient… you can dream it… yet we can still cry in the present because we don’t feel that we get the attention that we need… love yourself first and don’t get a bee sting… holding on to something that doesn’t mean anything… walking around with your shoes on the wrong feet… saying your worthless when you don’t know your worth… guard your heart and love yourself first. šŸ‘ŒšŸ‘Œ

Strong Women





Strong women

We make men wonder
We make them crazy
We make them upset
Strong women
We may come off too bold
We may come off as something that we are not
We are strongā€¦
We are strongā€¦
We walk with our head held high
We observe everything around us
We think everything through
We areā€¦ strong women
We have control of our lives
We are in no rush to fall in love
We have no time for foolish lies
We have a right to speak our mind
Strong womenā€¦ we are
We walk alone, and keep the door openā€¦ waiting on the right one to walk in
Independent, not lonely
Strong, noteworthy
We are strong
If you look me in the eyes you may wonder if I am wearing a disguise
You may wonder if tears ever fall from my eyes
You may wonder if I run
If I ever hide
You may wonder if I feel alone
You may wonder
I stand tall
I am bold
I am not afraid
I am not alone
I will not hide
I will be okayā€¦ God will provide
I will be okayā€¦ everything will be fine
You may wonder
Think what you want and say what you will
I will stand tall and will not fall
I am a some kind of different, I know
I am not the woman you expect me to be
You think I am suppose to be weak
You think I am suppose to be afraid
You think this and that and want to bend the truth but honestlyā€¦ come on now, what is the use
There is no excuse, there is only the honest truth
God made no mistakes
I am who I am
-Stephanie Lewis


The Next Best Thing

It’s funny how we often look for the next best thingĀ 
We take on what is okay for the moment and then let it go
Love is not suppose to be that way
A one night stand will do, no commitment just a moment of pleasure for two
What no one says is how you feel after itĀ 
There is always this feeling of what if
“What if we didn’t, would things be different”
We run from love because we “already went trough it”
Got burned by it… let it sit in the back of our minds and try to replace it
Looking for the next best thingĀ 
Only for a moment not a long term commitment
The joining of two becoming one from saying I love you because you meant it
Looking for the next best thingĀ 
Oh he would be perfect if…
She would be perfect if…
Love is priceless… What are you trying to scoreĀ 
Breaking the hearts of those that fall for youĀ 
Holding on to those that adore you
Isn’t it wonderful??Ā 
No… I didn’t think so
There is a hole in your heart you are trying to mend… But just because of that one person, you cannot forget itĀ 
You think everyone wants you for the same reasons and that is all you will ever getĀ 
Forget it
Break the cycle before you sink quickĀ 
There is a knock… Will you let love in??Ā 
They say life is short, but love is patientĀ 
Pursuing the next best thing is constantĀ 
Could you be so kind, and wait for love
And give it a little… time
The next best thing… How much longer until you paint yourself into a corner and someone knocks on your door and you can’t go any further…


I don’t like change
But I like the rainĀ 
I am not always the sameĀ 
I go through the seasons
I change for my own reasonsĀ 
It’s like a candle burning without a flame Ā 
The lonely heart searches for the one with no nameĀ 
Almost impossible to findĀ 
When you are afraidĀ 
So much freedom, so much time to wasteĀ 
Should it be sacrificedĀ 
Should it be kept to oneselfĀ 
Going where you want to and having things your wayĀ 
Go, go, go…
I know where I want to beĀ 
Should it be, just me
Is there a spark for a blown out flame
I walk alone, no pain, no shameĀ 

Free Birdā€¦

Free bird

Say what you wantā€¦ but I know who I am
I don’t go with the flow, I create it
I like my freedom
I don’t like to be judged
I don’t like to be directed
The only one who can direct and correct me is God, he created me and loves me no matter what
You may think that I am crazy, but God thinks otherwiseā€¦
I am a free bird.
Say what you wantā€¦ but I know who I am
I may come off as controlling, but hey it’s the truth
Free bird
Have you not heardā€¦ I may forget the words
I may slip and fall
But after allā€¦
I am a free bird
I walk alone, but God is always there guiding me two steps ahead of me
Even if I run
He knew the mess before I begunā€¦
Free birdā€¦ say what you wantā€¦

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