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Love Yourself…

When you love yourself, nothing can stand in your way… stay confident, stay humble, stay hungry. Stay hungry?? Yes. When you stay hungry no one can stop you from reaching your goals. You are your worst critique, look at yourself and see possibilities. Why?? When you see your possibilities you don’t see your imperfections. Love yourself. Stay confident. Stay humble. Stay hungry. Inner peace, outer happiness. Yaheardmeh… 😄Faith will get you through your battles. It’s not a bad day, it’s a beautiful day. A beautiful day for change, to look at yourself with a new perspective, the way God sees you… get your smile on. He loves you!! Jesus has the path laid out… follow him. Have Joy!!


The Rain Came and Silenced The Lonely

It was a normal day
From what it seemed
Looking back on it, feels like a dream
The rain came and silenced the lonely
Gave peace and it came quick
Silently lingering and drifting away slowly
The rain came and silenced the lonely
The worries went away and hearts were okay
Brokenness was mended when the rain cleansed us
The fears faded away no longer tremendous
The rain came and silenced the lonely
Every feeling of “what for” washed away
Refreshed and feeling okay
The rain came and silenced the lonely
Moving on with hope in our hearts with no hurry
The rain came and silenced the lonely



Sometimes you realize you want something different in your life. Sometimes that something different may be a bf, and sometimes you just have to be honest with yourself… because sometimes you realize that the season of me, myself and I is gone… another chapter in this life. Sometimes you have to realize it can’t always be just yourself. One can stand alone, but eventually you need someone else. Sometimes… it’s okay to be honest with yourself. Sometimes…


It is a long road home

It is a long road home
When you don’t know who you are
It is a long road home
When you can’t find where you belong
It is a long road home when you wake up with hurt
It is a long road home
When you don’t know your worth
It is a long road home
When you feel lost
It is a long road home
When you don’t know the cost
It is a long road home
When you feel like you missed the bus
The only opportunity to get somewhere
We are all trying to get somewhere
As far away from who we used to be
Getting tierd of “the old me”
Seems to be
That life is going by too slow
You know what you want and where you want to go
Well I heard them say kid
It is a long road home
They pick at you and call you names
But mom and dad see you as the same
That you were since they raised you up to be
Strong, bold, and honest to say the least
Enough, enough you say
Frustrated with society
You wonder why they treat you this way
Hard times you say
Just trying to make it, it will all be
Say what you need to say
Move on and find a new place to stay
The person you loved says you just get in their way and you feel like your not needed in any place
Mental space
Mental space
Time to clear your mind
So that you can tune in to what you have been so blind too
All the while you
Just want to be loved by someone that is true to you
You give up and settle for being alone
Hey kid cheer up, after all
It is a long road home
Telling yourself it will be okay
Trying to breath and find an escape
Chocking and gasping for air trying to tell yourself to remain calm
All the hurt and pain keeps lingering on
Control you think, control
If only I had control of my life
Nothing would be wrong
Life would be… okay after all
No pain, no downfall, no hurt from love
It is a long road home
You pick yourself up and suddenly you see
You see the right path laid before you
One to take with no heavy weight to carry
Hoping the right guy will come along to make you more than happy
A love story, no crying please
It is a long road home
At last you find the love you searched for, dreamed of and wanted
A love so strong and undaunted
No one can take his place
His love is priceless
Don’t look around or second guess
You stand at the altar looking at him in your dress
Finally things are not a mess
Well what can I say kid
It is a long road home
Take a shortcut or no??



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The Defeat Of Loneliness

I know I wrote several pieces titled… “Lonely” or “Loneliness” but I feel that this one is it ✌️

“The Defeat of Loneliness”

by: Stephsaidthis 😎

The word fades as it becomes a reality
A distant memory, fading away from me
A cure
A way out
They say you can be in love and still be lonely
Why rush to be in love, if you still feel empty??
Common sense to me
Broken pieces in a frame
A broken picture, trying to stay together
I would rather not bother
Instead, fix the “I am in control” of what I want for myself “way”
Thing is… what is love anyway
Everyone throws it away like a penny
Forever wondering in the back of their minds
What is it really??
Back to what I said now, hear me??
Looking back on when it started to affect me
What I didn’t notice was a fear approaching me
Leaving me, questioning if I am lonely
Or am I just, like they say… “Coping”
Am I trying to ignore it, run from it and floor it??
A thought or two… maybe too many
Running from the “possibility” and letting what I want keep me from what could be
Save me??
Wait… save me??
No, you can’t save me now… honey
Too sweet and you don’t know the meaning of the word… bravery
Hold it against me for knowing better dear, I know when I find someone that can possibly complete me
Standards were set too high and I was still
An effect that hit me recently, it became a reality
For so long I was okay with being just me and there not being a we because, I thought… I can do what I want, freedom… ring the bell for being independent and taking care of me
So… What was that word??
Tell it goodbye honey
It came to disturb and distract, but the man upstairs has a plan that I cannot avoid
My heart, I will guard
Loneliness… ha yeah that was me
Out the door it went
Just a fear to get in my way
I don’t have time for that
On a mission, ya hear me??
Yeah… some look for Prince Charming
What is to look for is what one needs not wants without guarantees
It don’t own me
It don’t own me
I have hope
I have hope that he will come my way
Loneliness will not stay
I know who I am
God has a plan
Loneliness… what?? That fear
Yeah I told God about you, run go… I am free from what you wanted to keep from me
It don’t own me
It don’t own me



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